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Trimax Meters

Trimax Meters from DMSI LLC

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Trimax Meters ended production in 2016. Meters under the Trimax name are no longer available. Sathero Meters are the most technically advanced hand held meters.



This software is for our very old meters. These meters have not been produced for a very long time.

All software is offered "as is" and without guarantee. This software is for experienced users only. If you don't have the ability to load this software or if you feel unsure of your abilities, DO NOT use this software. DMS International is in no way responsible for the use or mis-use of this software. Any repairs required because of your use or mis-use of this software will be charged at normal bench repair rates and normal replacement parts cost. By using this software you are agreeing to these terms.


These files may NOT be freely distributed and may NOT modified in any way. This comment must remained attached to the files.


SM-3500 Meter
American Download
European Download
Asian Download
SM-3500 Software Download
SM-2500 Meter
American Download
Europe Download
Asian Download
SM-2500 Repair Files Download
SM-2200 Meter
American Download
Europe Download
Asian Download
SM-2200 Repair Files Download
Trimax CD
Trimax CD (includes the manual) Download